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Patch Notes - May 8, 2019
Battle Pass:
  • Hot Hands, Hot Feet, Blast Off!, and Flaming Eye's have been set to Bind on Account
  • Players will no longer be locked in Cyclorax's room if they kill it too quickly.
Call to Action: Budgie Madness
  • Minions from the plane of death have ripped a hole into the pocket dimension that is the native habitat of the Budgies. In an effort to help protect the local budgie population, the Planar Research Institute is looking to the Ascended to help combat these minions of the plane of death who seek to subdue and corrupt additional budgies.
  • Representatives from the Planar Research Institute will be present in Tempest Bay, Sanctum, and Meridian offering quest and trading items for Chaos Motes. Complete daily quests to earn Chaos Motes, which can be used to purchase Budgie Mounts, Companion Pets, Minion Cards, and more!
    The Budgie Madness event will run from 5/10 to 5/12 server time.

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