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RIFT 4.2: Hotfix #9 9/13/2017
RIFT 4.2: Hotfix #9 9/13/2017

* Notoriety purchase limits are now character based instead of region based.
* Fixed the overly bright sky in the Volcanic Playground dimension.

* Fixed an issue with some lower level zone events giving lower level currency to lvl 65+ players that were properly mentored for the event.
* Characters in Intrepid Instant Adventures are now able respawn within the IA without problems.

* Quest: Follow the Coin: Clarified in the quest text that the quest must be completed in the dungeon on Standard difficulty

* Assaulting forts during zone events should no longer occasionally reward low level essences.
Instant Adventures in Vostigar Peaks will now count towards the weekly quest "Planar Assault" as they should.
* Daily Quests: Fixed an issue with daily quests available from Erendel Danath resetting progress if not completed before the daily reset
* Instant Adventures in Vostigar Peaks will now properly contribute to the objectives for the Celestial Adventures weekly quest.

* Accepting the map invite for LFR if queued while as a premade inside of a raid will now properly teleport you to the correct map.
* Queuing for LFR again after completing LFR will now properly place your raid in a new instance of that map and teleport you to the entrance. However, from this point forward, you will be considered a premade, not an LFR raid.


* Eternal Weapons now correctly allow spells to benefit from the bonus damage if they would push your mana below the threshold. Mana cost increase reduced from 100% to 10%.


* Arcane Aegis will now correctly grant the appropriate amount of armor to all affected players. Tooltip will now correctly describe the amount of armor granted.

* Death's Edict now correctly triggers Dominant Personality and Swift Control.

* Weathered will now correctly increase the health of pets.

* Legendary Condemn has been reworked. It no longer grants stacks of Deathly Calling when it expires. It instead deals increased damage. It still increases the stack cap of Deathly Calling to 10.

* Legendary Neddra's Grasp should now correctly apply Lingering Torment in all cases.


* After several…unfortunate side effects on test subjects during experiments with Materialize Soul, it has lost the ability to be cast while dead.

* Removed an extra damage number from Bind Life and Air Lash. This is only a tooltip change. Functionality remains unchanged.

* Points in Roaring Rapids no longer incorrectly also grant the benefit of Nature's Keeper.
* Cleanse now correctly describes how it affects the Focus bar when cast.

* Legendary Scything Strike can no longer be triggered on targets more than 35m away.

* Legendary Molten Wave no longer incorrectly has too large a range.
* Ethereal Beam has had its damage in PVP reduced by roughly 50%.


* Removed Charge counter from targets when playing as Saboteur.
* Charges will now correctly restrict your explosives again.

* Torrents can now trigger weapon enhancements such as Silver Tip Munitions.


* Touch of Life now notes in the tooltip that it has reduced effectiveness in PVP. This is only a tooltip change. Functionality remains unchanged.

* Weekly login gifts no longer have a chance to drop lock box keys.
* Level 60-65 Mercenary Equipment Caches will now give loot to players above level 65. Note that this will still be level 65 loot.
* The cosmetic cape “Sagum of Rain” has been added to the Uttila Resistance vendor at Glorified notoriety level.
* Added two new dimension items to the Uttila Resistance vendor.
* Reduced the recipe material cost for Blackthorn Burgers slightly.
* Fixed some missing wardrobe associations with a few in-game items.
* Opie got over her fear of Arkosian Hinterlands and Arjuros and these locations should no longer be a problem to teleport to.

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