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RIFT 4.2: Hotfix #5 8/9/2017
RIFT 4.2: Hotfix #5 8/9/2017

* Eternal Weapons - Raid Buffs now have a cooldown of 5 minutes.


* Fixed some missing sounds on primal lord abilities.

* Damage of Legendary Molten Wave reduced substantially.


* Legendary Deadeye Shot critical bonus damage reduced to 3.5x. Changed where this damage bonus is calculated to reduce its impact in certain cases.
* Legendary Calculated shot now also increases the damage of Channels by 20% while active.

* Zone Event: Feeding Frenzy: Fixed an issue where players would not get the achievement for completing the zone event.
* Raid Rift: Decay of Ahnket: Fixed Xerrax’s ability “Soul Rip” so that it cannot be reflected back on him.
* Raid Rifts: Egg of Destruction & Decay of Ahnket: Added new sounds.

* That amazing Statue in Tavril Plaza is now visible from across the bridge.

* Quest: The Queen of Suns: Asha, Orphiel, and The Queen of Suns now gather just outside of Kilcual only when defending Kilcual from the Storm Legion rather than forever.
* Quest: Power to the Legion: Fixed an issue that prevented a number of players from being able to see the power cells.
* Vostigar Peaks Jetpack Quests now have a minimum level of 70.
* Quest: Maze of Steel: Added new sounds.
* Quest: Source Decay: Bronze Goo in the Source Collectors should regain its form over time. That is if it doesn’t deconstruct all of the comet first. Best not to think on it too much.
* Quest: Return to Sender: Fixed an issue with Return to Sender that prevented towers from respawning after having the tracking device placed on them.
* Isabella at the Magician’s Tower no longer plays a subtle prank with the EULA on her porticulum master’s fine print.
* The citizens of Uttila have learned new, cognitive patterns and created their own postal service: there is now a mailbox near the Uttilan faction vendor. Send letters to all your friends and let them know!
* The Storm Legion has reinforced the defenses of the Maze of Steel, Fort Onocro, and Fort Strutio. Enter with caution.
* Updated the population of the Forgotten Forest to account for instant adventure mobs!

* Queens Foci is now up in the Looking For Raid menu 100% of the time.

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